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Passionate Verona

Quick Details

Wheelchair Wheelchair accessible

Adult (11 years old+)
Child (6-10 years old)

See the Scala Family House: Live Romeo and Juliet’s Story!

In this breathtaking walking tour of Verona, you first see some of the locations of the movie “Letters to Juliet”, then we move on through fascinating medieval streets to discover the background of the story and find out how people lived during Romeo and Juliet’s time.

You see the Scala Family House, where it all started, Romeo’s House, and finally Juliet’s House, full of all of the past and present evidence of love… and don’t be surprised if you happen to witness a declaration of love or a proper marriage!

Be prepared to see the palace where Romeo and Juliet probably met and feel their passion and their dreams, the place where Romeo lived, the typical medieval alleys where the fight with Tybalt took place, and be prepared to cry your eyes out at the heartbreaking end of their story by the time you get to Juliet’s House.

You might want to leave your name on the walls there, or post a letter to Juliet, or lock your padlock where it’ll become part of the Monument of Love, so that a little part of you stays in Verona forever after your walking tour.