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Verona Noir: a Mystery Tour

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Wheelchair Wheelchair accessible

Adult (11 years old+)
Child (6-10 years old)

Discover the Bloodiest Events That Occurred in Verona!

What happened in the Arena on the Ides of March of year 54 AD? Why were 176 people – including children – burnt alive on February, 13th, 1278? What happened to the Jewish family who lived next to the Synagogue during WW II? Whose corpses were those found in the Tribunal Courtyard?

Join our Cruel and Mysterious Verona Tour and you’ll find out this and much more. This walking tour brings you back in time to experience the fierceness and the ferocity of the past.

We tell you about the most bloody events happened in Verona, about horrible secrets well-hidden across the old town, we make you live in the ages of darkness and fear when nobody dared to go out in the lightless evening … you see Verona from a different perspective and will never forget it.

Vicious, well-preserved secrets are revealed to you… if you feel brave enough to dare to follow us on this evening Verona tour…