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Verona Tour + Wine Tasting

Quick Details

Wheelchair Wheelchair accessible

Adult (11 years old+)
Child (6-10 years old)

Discover Verona’s Streets, Palaces and Courtyards!

On this Verona sightseeing and wine tasting tour, we see and visit some of the most famous places in Verona together with places that can be discovered only with a local guide.

Starting from the 2,000-year-old Arena, the Roman Amphitheatre built some 50 years before the Colosseum of Rome to host fights between gladiators and between men and beasts, we move along Via Mazzini, the main shopping street of Verona, where the 19th-century Loggia Arvedi is to be found, and we get to the famous Juliet’s House, where the inside courtyard with the famous balcony and the statue can be seen.

Then, passing through other internal courtyards we will see the Scavi Scaligeri, excavations of the Roman and Medieval city, partially visible through the glasses, and the Porta dei Bombardieri.

We then move to the Scala family Tombs and their first house in the nearby Piazza dei Signori. There, we notice also the 12th-century City Hall, the Lamberti Tower, the 15th-century Loggia di Fra’Giocondo, the 14th-century Palazzo del Tribunale. From there, we move to Piazza Erbe, (the vegetable market), the ancient Roman Forum.

There, we see the “Berlina”, the place where criminals were exposed, the Fountain of Madonna Verona, (symbol of the city), the 14th-century House of Merchants, the Guard Tower of the “Gardello”, the Baroque XVII century Palazzo Maffei and the frescoed Casa Mazzanti. Finally, we reach the Well of Love with its sad story about two lovers.

The Verona tour ends in the nearby historical Winebar (enoteca), to taste a couple of good local wines (red or white at your choice) together with some light snacks.