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The Spritz Experience

Enjoying the Aperitive Moment, just like a local | Up to 10 People

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Couple Priced per Person
Group of 3 Priced per Person
Group of 4+ Priced per Person

Would you like a true Italian experience?

Come and try a Spritz, the typical evening occasion for all Veronese friends to meet together and share their day in front of “an aperitif”. But Spritz is not “an aperitif”, it’s “THE Aperitif” in Verona, in all its variations: Hugo, Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz, and White Spritz. Let’s go together to a local, traditional “Osteria”, sit outside, so as to enjoy the local scenery and the amazing sights this historical city offers. And let’s taste the 4 most loved local aperitifs, and, together with the explanation of the different drinks (the stories behind them, how they are made, etc.), you’ll live like a real local. Depending on your interests I can point out the historical details surrounding us, or, if you prefer, the lives of the people around us and their stories, just like anything else you might want to hear about. You’ll have a better insight of Italian lifestyle and you’ll have a new Italian friend.