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Verona in the Moonlight

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Wheelchair Wheelchair accessible

Adult (11 years old+)
Child (6-10 years old)

Discover the Fascinating and Mysterious Alleys of Verona

Starting from Piazza Erbe, where the stunning 17th-century Palazzo Maffei and the breathtaking frescoes of Casa Mazzanti cast their spell at night, we continue through secret corners and intriguing alleys to get to the Well of Love, with its heartbreaking story.

Passing a couple of traditional and vibrant wine bars and enjoying the view of Verona nightlife, we walk along the history-rich roads to the Roman period Borsari Gate on this Verona at night tour.

We then cross a bridge on the River Adige, so as to enjoy the enchanting view of the hills surrounding Verona and, walking along the gleaming river, we reach the fabulous castle called Castelvecchio and cross its enchanting bridge.

We end our Verona walking tour at the spectacular Arena in its astonishing night light. The atmosphere of moonlighted Verona will remain in your memories forever, like a precious, glimmering drop of water on a dry surface.